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Stick 'n Carve Transfer Sheets


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Stick 'n Carve completely eliminates the bothersome, time-consuming, part of pumpkin carving - transferring the pattern.

Print a pattern onto one of these 8.5" x 11" sheets and stick the thin, flexible, translucent material onto your pumpkin. The design will stay in place while you carve right through it. When you're done, the water-soluble material rinses away with water.


  • 3, 10, or 24 blank sheets of printable, adhesive material
  • Access code for 10 exclusive pumpkin patterns

Available in these quantities:

  • 3-Sheet Fun Pack ($3.75)
  • 10-Sheet Value Pack ($11.00)
  • 24-Sheet Pro Pack ($22.75)

Watch a video demo!
Watch another video demo!

  • 3-Sheet Fun Pack 55%
  • 10-Sheet Value Pack 36%
  • 24-Sheet Pro Pack 47%